Technical Surveillance Sciences, Lockpicking Courses, Undercover school

Technical Surveillance Sciences Inc.

Technical Surveillance Sciences, Inc. is a unique organization established & structured to focus its entire resource base on meeting the surveillance training requirements of governmental law enforcement agencies & military organizations.

TSS, which is a registered training contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), constantly strives to develop and conduct courses which address “real world” law enforcement, special operations and terrorism preparedness problems, situations and activities. Each of our courses are carefully researched, and contain sensitive investigative “techniques” oriented information.

Technical Surveillance Sciences, Lockpicking Courses, Undercover school

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TSS is ready and able to conduct additional training programs other than those listed on the Training Schedule should they be required. If dates for specific course/training programs do not fit your schedule, please contact us directly to set up additional programs. TSS has been a leader in the surveillance, surveillance detection and counter surveillance training as well as so many other vital streetcraft and tradecraft specialites and techniques for over 25 years and stand ready to continue to be.