About Technical Surveillance Sciences

Technical Surveillance Sciences, Inc. (TSS), which is a 100% Woman-Owned, small business and a Registered Department of Defense (DOD) Training Contractor, provides specialized esoteric training services in distinct areas of special operations, technical surveillance, Close target reconnaissance, and terrorism preparedness.

TSS was founded and established in 1982 by David D Barrett, and has since gained a national reputation for excellence in the law enforcement and military communities. Since Dave’s passing in 2014, TSS continues to uphold the same integrity, high level of expertise and the very best training programs that are available today to all Local, State & Federal Law Enforcement, as well as to all branches and levels of the United States Military and the Special Operations & Special Forces communities.

TSS is headquartered in South Florida with administrative offices & a resident training facility in Sunrise, Florida. TSS also maintains an operations and training support facility in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Technical Surveillance Sciences Undercover Lockpicking Classes


The Staff and Faculty of TSS consists of full, and part-time personnel who are nationally recognized, master-level experts of the particular technical, or special operations discipline that they teach. Some have recently completed careers with federal, military, state or local agencies, and others are still current, active-duty, sworn, technical support officers for U.S. and foreign law enforcement, military and other special operations-oriented agencies. Our part-time faculty members take annual leave, or vacation time and travel to the course location using their own off-duty time, just to teach you the tricks-of-the-trade of their given technical surveillance expertise. You will not find a group of more dedicated, or talented, hands-on-the-equipment performance-oriented instructors anywhere.

Deanne Gentile – President and Owner of T.S.S

Laurie Wiggins – Vice President and Owner of T.S.S.


TSS constantly strives to develop and conduct courses which address “real world” law enforcement, special operations and anti/counterterrorism problems, situations and activities. Each of our courses are carefully researched, and contain sensitive investigative “techniques” oriented information. While the course material is not classified information per se, release of such information, or techniques to unauthorized persons could have serious, adverse, or harmful effects on future law enforcement and military operations. Therefore, most of the courses described herein are TSS restricted enrollment.