Technical Surveillance Operations

An intense 40 plus hour, hands on the equipment course especially designed for those officers who must use, or supervise the use of covert audio and RF intercept equipment systems in support of undercover law enforcement investigations and operations. This course will teach the basics of investigative DC electronics and how to use technical investigative equipment to consistently produce evidence quality digital, or analog audio recordings.


40 plus hour intense, hands on the equipment program which will teach each attendee how to select, assemble & install/deploy covert video surveillance equipment in support of special operations. This is a techniques oriented course for those officers who are expected to install, conceal and use both analog and digital video equipment to covertly record & preserve the undercover crime scene as the crime occurs.


40 plus hour advanced program of instruction on how to select, conceal and use the proper video and audio surveillance equipment in support of complex criminal investigations and intelligence operations. The program covers advanced video and audio concepts and theory, complemented with a series of hands on the equipment PRACTEX’s which will provide each student with realistic training in room installations, vehicle installations; body-worn and carry in concealment devices; balanced audio recovery systems; encrypted digital audio transmitters; transmission links; image enhancement; IP video and mesh systems; advanced troubleshooting and emergency field repairs.


80 plus hour POI has been designed and approved by NATIA, but structured by TSS so as to refresh & refine the attendee in the many facets of technical support operations that the investigator must consider and implement prior to, and during the conduct of special “Technical” investigations. While this POI has been developed specifically for NATIA “Certification” purposes, the knowledge and skill-sets gained will greatly enhance the attendee’s technical investigative capabilities. These skills will give the attendee the ability to select and use the proper technical equipment and operational techniques for specific investigative applications and operations. The attendee will also be exposed to new technologies under development including the rapidly changing operational techniques being used in the field today. After completion of this course all attendees will be adequately prepared to take the NATIA administered Certified Technical Investigator’s Exam. A discipline specific tool kit is issued to, and retained by each student.


40 hour off-the-shelf consumer products program, which will teach the attendee how to select and modify a wide variety of readily available and relatively inexpensive consumer electronics into special purpose field expedient investigative or CTR devices that can then be used in technical surveillance/reconnaissance operations. Each student will keep their individual modified student projects for use upon return to their unit.


Experience the “cutting-edge” of moving surveillance technology with this 50 plus hour Program of Instruction (POI). This course will provide the student with the basic electronics knowledge and advanced operational skills that are necessary to operate and successfully follow, or electronically “track” motor vehicles equipped with satellite controlled GPS transponders, or ground-based RF tracking transmitters; containers of narcotics, weapons or other contraband in which tracking transmitters have been hidden, and undercover operators who are wearing, or carrying either traditional, concealed body transmitters, or special ultra-miniature tracking devices. This POI can also be modified at the customer’s request to focus on boats, vessels and maritime operations.

Special Note: In addition to these listed programs, techniques and instruction in Fixed Installations & Remote Control of Equipment can be added to same type programs at the customer’s request.